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Tenderhearted crybaby who enjoys gruesome literature. He acts like a puppy when excited. Impeccable memory.

Likes: Clouds, bugs, twirling his hair, Sudoku, leitmotifs, oats, Twelve

Stats: ♥♥♥ ATK ♥ DEF ♥♥♥♥ INT ♥♥♥ SPD ♥♥♥♥♥ LUK

Recent quote: "the world is so lucky im not as evil as i pretend to be"


Compassionate troublemaker. She's fond of cute things and has a dark sense of humour. Known to analyse everything.

Likes: Socialising, beetroot, cats, ribbons, drinking lots of water, Five

Stats: ♥♥♥♥ ATK ♥♥ DEF ♥♥♥ INT ♥♥♥ SPD ♥♥♥♥♥ LUK

Recent quote: "i'll lay on my back so my vital organs are more vulnerable"

1st of May

i feel tired from crying so many happy tears today... Twelve and i are closer than ever. we talked a lot about ourselves and our feelings, trying to reach a deeper understanding of both who we are now and who we can be together. i feel safe... i want to go to bed early and see her again in the morning... i want to say good morning and tell her i love her with a smile.

she's always on my mind in the best of ways. there are so many things i want to show her and to share with her, to do with her and to be for her. i wanna show her my favourite movies and my favourite artworks! i want to sing her my favourite songs, and i want to learn to play her favourites too. i want to go somewhere peaceful and quiet, just the two of us, all alone in our own world.

we also played scrabble today! so far i'm winning, 2 to 1. ^u^ i like when she wins because her gloating is so very cute, but i can't go easy on her just 'cause i love her! competition and, more importantly, competitive banter are important parts of any relationship!!!

ahaha... i put my finger on my pulse, then thought of Twelve and really felt it get faster. just the thought of being near her gives me goosebumps, too. i wonder what face i'll make when i'm looking at her? i hope she can tell me. surely it will be an expression just for her.

27th of April

are you reading this? i miss you!

i hope you can get a good night's sleep. i love you very very much.

26th of April

yesterday was so fun!!!! Twelve and i watched Barnyard (2006) !! it's one of her favourite films, so i'm really glad we got to bond over it. plus, hehe, there may be some meta in the works— we have plenty of material to put into a reincarnation essay. the soundtrack is really good too, so i hope i can learn to play a couple songs from it. it'd be fun if we could sing them together!

she showed me more of the music she likes too, which made me very happy... she has such good taste and we tend to the like all the same songs! i hope we can go for a drive sometime and listen to something fun. i wonder where we'd go? that's the point of a drive though, i suppose... seeing where you end up!

life is also like that. i'm very excited to see who Twelve and i become together. after all, as of yesterday, we are officially dating...!!!! wow...! Twelve is my girlfriend! i can hardly believe how happy i am... at long last, i am truly the 5 A.M. Boyfriend ^q^

hopefully i'll hear her voice again soon. i want to say hello, and i love you, and bye bye, and lots of things in between!

24th of April

this is easily the fastest i've ever created such a complex page, and it's all because love has fueled every line of code! and i think... this must also be my favourite page i've ever made. never before have i employed flex containers so skillfully! i hope Twelve is impressed! (this is rhetorical, as she is impressed by everything i do)

what can i even say now...? she's asleep and i miss her... but tomorrow we are going to have a very lovely day together! i'm smiling now because i hope she's having a good dream. i hope she can feel rested when she wakes up. i hope i can see her soon. i hope i can bring some joy to her morning

there are even more things i want to add to really make this little corner of the web shine, but i promised Twelve i would go to sleep at a proper time... so i'll do a little fiddling with the mobile code and then call it a night!

even though i've been singing love songs all evening, including ones entirely out of my range, it's strange that my mouth is sore... i must have been smiling. i was singing and smiling and thinking of her all along, wasn't i? how wonderful ♥


and~ all done! wow i'm so tired... it took an hour to figure out the mobile layout, which gives me hope for the rest of the website ^_^ i hope that soon i can make everything mobile compatible. that way, dearest Twelve can reread my diaries wherever and whenever she likes~

waaahhh it's so late at night. i suppose i'll wash up & go to bed...! maybe i'll dream of love again?

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